Recycling-Foxtons House Clearance

Throughout your life, you will roughly produce 600 times your own body weight in waste. Enough to fill more than one of our house clearance trucks. That huge statistic may not be that much of a problem if we weren’t living on such a small, overcrowded little planet. Almost all of the earths resources are starting to run out. Once they have all been used and we have ran out we are unsure of how to get any more. Therefore it makes a lot of sense for us to use what we have today wisely.


If we reduce the amount of things that we use this would use the earths resources more effectively, for example… if the food we bought from the supermarkets had less packaging, or if we re-used something instead of throwing it away such as, reusing carrier bags at supermarkets etc… If it comes to the crunch and we are unable to re-use something again then rather than throwing it away recycling is the best way to ensure that it will get re-used at some point.

Foxtons always put things from a house clearance to one side that we think can be re-used anything that can not be re-used we forward to pro recycling centres where it can be recycled in the correct manor then re-used again at some point. We believe in recycling and will always continue to do so. We are very to proud to be helping out the earth by disposing the items from a house clearance correctly and follow many reduce, reuse, recycle programs.

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