Charity Donations

Unfortunately Foxtons House Clearance service usually involves clearing out house contents that are still perfectly re-usable. Therefore we will always put these items to one side during the house clearance to be later donated to charity.

Although we try to donate as much as we can, it is not always possible for us to do so. Any items from a house clearance that can not be donated will be forwarded to a pro recycling centre where it will be recycled in the correct manor and eventually reused again.

Read more about recycling house clearance waste HERE…

We usually ask our customers if they have a preferred charity for us to donate the items to and we will contact the charity of choice before we carry out the house clearance to arrange delivery.


It is very important to us that we provide the best service possible for both our customers and also our planet. We donate everything we can from furniture, clothes to general household effects.

We will always go the extra mile to ensure that the items we clear from a property are either recycled or donated to a charity. On average we donate or recycle almost 90% of everything we clear, our service is very environmentally friendly.

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