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Environmental Policy

Our License Number : CBDU304271
Issued By The Environment Agency
Foxtons House Clearance LTD House Clearance
Environmental Policy Statement

As an organisation directly involved with minimising environmental impact, and the reduction of pollution, landfill, and use of non renewable resources, Foxtons House Clearance LTD House Clearance is totally committed to upholding these standards within our own operations.

Foxtons House Clearance LTD House Clearance is fully dedicated to furthering the causes of recycling and re-use, and maintaining compliance with Environmental legislation and codes of practice. Our policy is to raise awareness among our own staff, suppliers and clients, of environmental issues, and sustainability, including reducing pollution and emissions, and through sound practices in waste management.

In order to minimise the impact on the environment of Foxtons House Clearance LTD House Clearance’s activities, our strategy is:

– To put environmental sensitivity at the forefront of business decisions and operations wherever possible;

– To take into account in procurement, of environmental impact criteria, both in production and distribution, and consciously to avoid, wherever feasible, goods or services from non-sustainable or polluting sources;

– To use second-life or recycled products, or those manufactured from recyclate, wherever viable;

– To minimise the use of energy, and eliminate wasteful use;

– To schedule all transportation in a manner which will minimise toxic emissions, by maximising collection runs, and using return-haulage;

– To offer free of charge, advice, guidance and learning tools to all or any party, whether of commercial value to the company or not, in order to widen public knowledge of pollutants, harmful products, availability of recycling outlets, and sustainable living and working;

– To keep abreast of developments in recycling techniques and systems which widen the scope of recycling feasibility;

– Not to send any recyclable materials for Incineration, on the basis that the residues from incineration are highly toxic and do in fact end up in landfill, whereas this can be avoided by recycling or reprocessing;

– To meet, and exceed the requirements of Environmental legislation.


We are still working/operating throughout COVID-19 LOCKDOWN however we are limited staff and will be only offering our service in limited areas due to the situation, we apologize in advance for any delays.

We have all safety measures in place, all staff are provided with the correct P.P.E and are regularly tested. 

We hope to be back to normal as soon as we can and hope everyone is staying safe!

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