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Here at Foxtons we offer a professional, reliable house clearance service in all areas within Aberdeenshire Aberdeen Banff Portsoy Huntly Rosehearty Fraserburgh Peterhead Ellon Oldmeldrum Turriff Aberchirder Newburgh Strichen Mintlaw Portlethen Macduff Inverurie…

We understand how hard it can be clearing out the possessions from the home of a deceased relative friend or neighbour. We are here to help take away the stress and pain of having to do this on your own.

tickProfessional and reliable service
tick90% of all house contents recycled
tickWe donate items to various charities
tickRegistered with the environment agency
tickLicensed & insured to carry out all house clearances

We have most likely dealt with all house clearance situations possible so please do not hesitate to contact us and let us help with your situation. We have had many happy customers over the years and always work towards customer satisfaction.

Please take a moment to read our house clearance FAQ’s HERE…

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Our staff will clear everything requested in a house clearance from furniture, bric a brac, carpets, fixtures & fittings, fridges, cookers, cutlery and can even clear the food from the cupboards and pride ourselves on being professional & reliable. Read more about or house clearance service HERE…

Our house clearances are done in a very sympathetic manner. We can collect keys from yourself or a friend, neighbour or probate administrator, whatever is needed and do not require anyone to be present whilst we clear the property. We always put items to one side from a house clearance that may be of use so that we can forward them onto local charities i.e clothing & bric-a-brac.

We will of course RECYCLE where we can, as we do with all our services. We have a great team of staff who are very experienced and our house clearance service is always available at short notice so please do not hesitate to contact us if your needs are urgent.

We always use pro recycling centres and always do a good job…


*Please Note* We will always arrive at a property at the agreed time and we work until the job is completed, we never leave a property until the job is completed to your satisfaction.

Did You Know?

  • As part of our service we also provide a cleaning service for an additional fee if needed, this can help if the property is going up for sale or rent once cleared.
  • Out of all the house contents we clear, we donate most of it to charity, anything that can not be donated will be forwarded to a recycling centre where it is then recycled to be re-used in the future. Therefore everything we clear will be re-used.
  • All of our staff have a lot of experience clearing out houses of all sizes, we are always fully uniformed, trained and on hand to deliver fast and efficient house clearance.
  • We hold a Higher Tier Waste Carriers License that is issued by the Environment Agency.
  • You can also search for us online on the Environment Agency website HERE using the details provided below.

Registered Carrier Name: Foxtons House Clearance
Our License Registration Number: CBDU147544

What Size Vans Do You Use?

We use large (unmarked for your discretion) luton vans, they are the largest vans in their class. They measure 14ft in length with a light weight luton box. Hi-cube body 180′ degrees with a huge 22 cubic metre volume, lower chassis for quicker and easy loading.


We understand that a lot of our customers have never dealt with house clearance before and may need to travel a long way to deal with it, with that in mind we have gathered some useful information for you (our customers) that we think will help you whilst dealing with a house clearance process.

Below is some links to useful contacts around the Aberdeen area followed by useful information.

Local Solicitors

Local Hotels

Local Cleaners

Local Property Management

Local Painter & Decorators

Local Plumbers

Local Pest & Vermin Control

Local DIY Stores

Verminous House Clearance?

We consider a property to be classed as verminous when it contains material such as animal or human faeces, clinical waste, needles/syringes and drug related waste or paraphernalia, decaying food, stagnant water, urine and/or blood soaked soft furniture and beds. In general, rotting waste!

*Please Note* As most verminous properties present a serious danger to health, we recommend that this type of clearance should only be carried out by a professional company such as ourselves.

Cluttered House Clearance?

A cluttered house can be defined as a collection of many things lying around in an untidy mass. Also known as jumble, litter, mess or materials to be recycled, etc. Clutter usually relates to a disorder or reflecting to ones emotional state. With exception to creative clutter, in the most ordinary of circumstances, clutter most often implies a subconscious emotional blockage, or attachment to something or someone.

Did you know?
You could recycle up to almost half of your kitchen and garden waste by making your own compost.

Making your own compost is a way of recycling around half of your kitcken and garden waste. Producing a crumbly material that when turns organic, forms. Worms and bacteria break down carbon based materials.

Making your own compost is good and helps a lot with your garden, it helps your plants grow by returning nutrients to soil and this will help your plants grow. This way is cheaper and more effective. It is also more efficient for the environment than using peat. You will need a arge container of some sort or a compost heap to make your own compost.To make compost, you will need a compost heap or a large container of some kind in your garden or yard. It helps to have your own garden rather than a yard or living in a upstairs flat/apartment of somesort.

In some places authorites often arrange for biodegradable waste to be collected and they make compost at a desired location. Normally you would need to add a fair/equal amount of browns like cardboard and twigs along with greens such as vegetables grass cuttings and it usually would take a good few month even a year for waste to rot into the ground.

House Clearance Aberdeen Landfill Tax

The Landfill Tax levels of £7 per tonne for almost all waste could have serious implications for the Aberdeen house clearance industry. The casual observer may consider a tax on landfill as a stimulant for recycling; if it is more expensive to dump waste, then recycling may be seen as a cheaper alternative. However, concern has been voiced by members of the Aberdeen house clearance industry that the higher cost of disposing of house clearance waste will have to be passed onto the customer; the current estimate is that an extra cost of £12 will be incurred on every tonne of house clearance waste in the Aberdeen area.

This will filter down and raise everybody’s costs; with profit margins being so tight, smaller house clearance companies in Aberdeen may be forced to scale down or close their businesses completely, especially with site license charges, Duty of Care bureaucracy and possible extra battery handling license charges. Larger house clearance companies in Aberdeen will lose their customers; recycling rates may even shrink. So, legislation and taxation which, we are told, was designed to protect the environment may have the opposite effect. If someone had tried to come up with a way to directly tax recycling & house clearance, they would have been hard pressed to find a better system; or maybe that was the intention all along?

On a different note, the house clearance Recycling in Action Group has launched a new award scheme to recognise and reward recyclers in the Aberdeen area. They have also announced their adoption of a new Code of Practice to improve the environmental performance and responsibility of Aberdeen house clearance companies by encouraging the recovery and recycling of wood. Whatever their motivation, this marks an important step forward for wood recycling.

They have also developed innovative methods of using recyclate, using recycled wood in various ways to manufacture goods as diverse as hardwood replacement, ideal for the manufacture of garden furniture and windows and a slate like roof tile. They have already achieved a certain amount of success amongst industry, but their main problem seems to be encouraging consumer participation. One to watch anyway. Maybe all the house clearance companies should move into wood reclamation; with the extra taxes it might just be more financially viable.

House Clearance Aberdeen Recoverable Waste For Energy Conservation

Although everyone in the Aberdeen house clearance industry obviously has vested interests in the promotion of recycling and recovery as ‘best possible options’, we almost always advocate the commercial option as opposed to an artificial reliance on recycling enforced by cumbersome legislation. Aberdeen house clearance companies are well known for their common-sense attitude to business; recycling has suffered too many times from over-enthusiastic applications of ‘sustainable’ environmentalism. Our domestic waste paper recycling industry was lucky to survive the fiasco of German paper recycling schemes which resulted in the UK paper market being flooded with ‘give-away’ imports. Therefore it is essential that we support recycling initiatives that are realistic and workable.

The Aberdeen house clearance industry has just issued briefing documents on the Government’s consultation paper ‘A Waste Strategy for England Scotland and Wales.’ It responds with caution to the Government’s statement that ‘materials that are recycled may be used many times, whereas materials from which energy or compost have been recovered, cannot be used again.’ It counters this by stating that energy conservation can often be more important environmentally than conserving materials. Also, ‘re-use or recovery processes that use more energy than they save are not environmentally sustainable. In some circumstances disposal in a well-managed controlled landfill site will be the best option.’

Their attitude to the use of recycled, secondary raw materials is also interesting. ‘The more material that is recycled, the more it will act like any other commodity in the market place. In other words, supply and demand will fluctuate over time.’ Their conclusion is that: ‘ Waste management systems will therefore need to be flexible so that material can be extracted at times when demand is high but stay in the mixed waste stream at times when demand is low.’ However, they insist that the house clearance industry makes use of secondary materials whenever it is environmentally and economically viable to do so and will continue to exploit opportunities to increase end-use markets. Although INCPEN obviously have their own agenda when it comes to house clearance recycling, their observations are valuable and could be a boon to our industry.

Whether you have inherited some property, following bereavement or simply just want to de-clutter, Foxtons House Clearance is waiting to help you through the process. Our respectful and reliable staff will always work hard to complete your house clearance to the highest standard possible with a minimum of disturbance to yourselves and any anyone else involved. Let us take the strain and make organising a house clearance simple, straight forward and easy for you.

House Clearance Aberdeen Area Guide

The Aberdeen area has seen human settlement for at least 8,000 years. The city began as two separate burghs: Old Aberdeen at the mouth of the river Don; and New Aberdeen, a fishing and trading settlement, where the Denburn waterway entered the river Dee estuary.


Dialling code

Postcode district
AB10-AB13 (part), AB15, AB16, AB21-AB25

Area Coordinates
57.1526°N 2.1100°W

Areas Near Aberdeen
Kingswells  4.6 miles from Aberdeen
Dyce  5.4 miles  from Aberdeen
Potterton  5.7 miles from Aberdeen
Portlethen  6.1 miles from Aberdeen
Westhill  6.8 miles  from Aberdeen
Balmedie  7.2 miles from Aberdeen
Newtonhill  8.2 miles from Aberdeen
Newmachar  8.9 miles from Aberdeen
Kintore  11.2 miles from Aberdeen

Useful Contacts…

House Clearance Aberdeen Local Solicitors

Thompsons Solicitors
Tel:  01224 793949
42-44, King St,  Aberdeen, AB24 5TJ

Michael S Allan
Tel:  01224 213333
25 Castle St,  Aberdeen, AB11 5BG

Legal Services
Tel:  0845 2678077
44 Castle St,  Aberdeen, AB11 5BB

Shepherd & Wedderburn
Tel:  01224 343555
Regus House, 1, Berry Street,  Aberdeen, AB25 1HF

David E Sutherland & Co
Tel:  01224 455565
Mob:  07866 582565
10-16 Exchequer Row,  Aberdeen, AB11 5BW

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House Clearance Aberdeen Local Hotels

Premier Inn
Hotels & Inns
Tel:  0871 5278008
Inverlair House, West North St,  Aberdeen, AB24 5AS

Ibis Hotel
Hotels & Inns
Tel:  01224 285820
15 Exchequer Row,  Aberdeen, AB11 5BW

Hotels & Inns
Tel:  01224 212224
21 Market St,  Aberdeen, AB11 5PY

Hotels & Inns
Tel:  01224 582255
43-45, Market St,  Aberdeen, AB11 5EL

Hilton Garden Inn Aberdeen City Centre
Hotels & Inns
Tel:  01224 451444
31 St. Andrew St,  Aberdeen, AB25 1JA

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House Clearance Aberdeen Local Cleaners

Clean Genie
Commercial Cleaning
Tel:  0845 0569095
111 Gallowgate,  Aberdeen, AB25 1BU

Acorn Cleaning
Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners
Tel:  07519 142191
49 Park St,  Aberdeen, AB24 5LH

Ecocleen Aberdeen
Builders Cleans
Tel:  01224 455378
Regus House, 1, Berry Street,  Aberdeen, AB25 1HF

M & G Window Cleaning Services
Window Cleaners
Tel:  01224 640149
8 Lemon Place,  Aberdeen, AB24 5JZ

Spotless Commercial Cleaning Ltd
Commercial Cleaning
Tel:  0845 1122322
Grampian House, 46, Virginia St,  Aberdeen, AB11 5AU

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Property Management House Clearance Aberdeen

Morna Petrano
Property Management
Tel:  01224 645754
Inverlair House, West North St,  Aberdeen, AB24 5AS

Remax Property Centre Aberdeen
Estate Agents
Tel:  01224 595025
15 James St,  Aberdeen, AB11 5AP

Property Management
Tel:  01224 455090
100 Union Street,  Aberdeen, AB10 1QR

Aberdeen Letting Centre
Residential Accommodation
Tel:  01224 622776
4-5, Golden Square,  Aberdeen, AB10 1RD

Geraghty Gibb
Property Management
Tel:  01224 637000
64 Skene Street,  Aberdeen, AB10 1QE

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House Clearance Aberdeen Local Painters & Decorators

Painters & Decorators
Tel:  07883 519628
Flat A, 93, Park St,  Aberdeen, AB24 5LH

Grampian Decorating
Painters & Decorators
Tel:  01224 607607
20 Mearns St,  Aberdeen, AB11 5AT

S+a Decorators
Painters & Decorators
Tel:  07597 323363
101 Greig Court,  Aberdeen, AB25 1FB

Prestige Painters & Decorators
Painters & Decorators
Tel:  01224 593637
1 Baltic Place,  Aberdeen, AB11 5EW

Painters & Decorators
Tel:  01224 900280
Pioneer House, 79, Waterloo Quay,  Aberdeen, AB11 5DE

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House Clearance Aberdeen Local Plumbers

Dovechain Plumbing
Tel:  07977 746795
1 Castlehill,  Aberdeen, AB11 5GD

1 Call Property Maintenance Ltd
Tel:  01224 472758
30A, Hutcheon Street,  Aberdeen, AB25 3TB

Ian G.A Redford
Tel:  01224 647645
19 Rosemount Place,  Aberdeen, AB25 2XA

Langstane Plumbers
Tel:  07873 624767
29 The Galleria, Langstane Place,  Aberdeen, AB11 6FB

John Riddell (Plumbers)
Tel:  07711 332250
29 Rosemount Place,  Aberdeen, AB25 2XA

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House Clearance Aberdeen Local Pest & Vermin Control

Aberdeen City Council
Pest & Vermin Control Services
Tel:  01224 523737
Broad Street,  ABERDEEN, AB10 1AB

Mitie Pest Control
Pest & Vermin Control Services
Tel:  0845 0171069
within Aberdeen College, Gallowgate,  Aberdeen, AB25 1BN

EPC Pest Control
Pest & Vermin Control Services
Tel:  01224 228334
5 Bon Accord Court, Bon Accord Lane,  Aberdeen, AB11 6EZ

Bon Accord Pest Control Ltd.
Tel:  0800 0832 700
Mob:  07949 885 880
Admiral Court, Poynernook Road,  Aberdeen, AB11 5QX

Pest & Vermin Control Services
Tel:  0800 0832700
Admiral Court, Poynernook Rd,  Aberdeen, AB11 5QX

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House Clearance Aberdeen Local DIY Stores

John Smith & Co of Aberdeen
Hardware Retailers
Tel:  01224 586868
41 Castle Terrace,  Aberdeen, AB11 5DZ

The Range
Diy Stores
Tel:  01224 588371
Links Road,  ABERDEEN, AB24 5EN

Diy Stores
Tel:  01224 870916
Unit 4, Wellington Trade Park, Girdleness Rd,  Aberdeen, AB11 8DG

Homebase Ltd
Diy Stores
Tel:  0845 6407658
Greenhole Place,  Aberdeen, AB23 8EE

B & Q plc
Diy Stores
Tel:  01224 822079
Site 1, Newton of Murcar Industrial Estate,  Aberdeen, AB23 8JW

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We have the facilities to take payments in cash, cheque, debit card, credit card or direct bank transfer. Once the clearance is complete, each customer is given a invoice which holds all of our company details.

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