Have you ever wondered what is actually in the ground below your feet? Whether it be a tiled floor or wooden floor but what is beneath that? Foundations, pipes, cables and so on… Who knows what else there could be down there? If you keep digging further and you will then approach soil & rock and then the raw things of the earth.


We would like to think that these basic foundations of the earth are such pristine wilderness however that’s far from what is actually down there. Land pollution is a perfect example of where our changes have affected the earth and we are unable to see this. The poison that is given off from things like underground mines and the junk/waste that we tip into landfill van load by van load is what is actually doing the damage to our and earth and is not visible to us. We do see smoke from factory’s drifting off into the earths air and oil slicks slowly drifting off into the earths ocean and we don’t think anything by it.

Land pollution, is a lot more dangerous than we actually see it and is becoming more of a problem for our earth than we think. That’s why Foxtons House Clearance only forward our house clearance waste to pro recycling centres where it will be re-cycled and re-used in some way. This stops a lot of items going to landfill which is more environmentally friendly. Any non-perishable foods that we get from house clearances are collected and then donated to local charities or homeless centres.

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